NECS can test your project for code compliance and if it fails to meet the requirements we can help identify and rectify any problems your project may encounter.

Building Duct & Envelope Testing: 2015 IECC Compliance

Contact us and we will help make sure your next project is code compliant.

It can be difficult for builders to meet the 2015 IECC requirements for duct and building envelope leakage. We encourage clients to contact us early in the construction and planning process to discuss strategies for meeting the 2015 IECC requirements.

NECS technicians are certified as third party assessors to verify energy code compliance.

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Duct Testing

Meeting the stringent specifications and verification tests for duct sealing can be a challenge without extra consideration during construction to make the envelope and duct systems tighter. We offer solutions to help contractors meet code requirements as well as the required verification tests such as blower door and duct blaster.