In 2020 North Haven kicked off its third Energy-Saving Campaign to promote the State of Connecticut’s home energy efficiency programs to its community. Residents are encouraged to sign up for Home Energy Solutions, which can help keep their home more comfortable, save energy, and save them money on their utility bills.

North Haven Clean Energy Task Force

The North Haven Clean Energy Task force was established in 2007 and consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who are focused on helping the town set and reach climate and energy goals. The Task Force works with the municipality to promote energy efficiency and clean energy among its residents, businesses, and town employees. They have now spearheaded a solarize campaign to promote the adoption of solar power as well as three Home Energy Solutions campaigns. They have a strong working relationship with town leaders, businesses, and residents alike.

New England Conservation Services

New England Conservation Services works with the Town of North Haven to help to encourage residents to save energy through participation in the Home Energy Solutions energy efficiency program. We educate residents on the benefits of  energy saving programs and deeper energy saving measures like insulation and high-efficiency HVAC equipment. NECS will go to a resident’s home and perform a Home Energy Solutions energy assessment, where we conduct important safety tests, and install weatherization and energy-saving improvements. When a resident completes Home Energy Solutions they also get access to rebates and financing for further energy-saving upgrades.

Supporting North Haven

New England Conservation Services has pledged to donate $25 to the North Haven Congregational Church Food Pantry for every resident of North Haven who has a Home Energy Solutions assessment performed in their home. Partnerships like this benefit not only residents, but the community as a whole.

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