The City of Middletown, through its Clean Energy Task Force (CETF) and its CHEER Middletown program, partnered with SustainableCT’s Matching Grant program and People’s Action for Clean Energy (PACE) to provide important energy-related programming in the City of Middletown.

HeatSmart & CHEER

CHEER is CETF’s program helping local residents address health and safety barriers in their homes in order to facilitate energy efficiency improvements and improve access to lower cost renewable energy. The HeatSmart program helps residents explore ways to improve how they heat and cool their homes by using efficient, electric heat pump systems. Together, the programs provide information and resources including educational events, home energy assessments, and connections with energy and remediation experts as well as local heat pump installers.

New England Conservation Services

New England Conservation Services works with the City of Middletown to help educate residents on the benefits of home energy efficiency programs and high efficiency heat pump technology. NECS provides energy efficiency services through Connecticut’s Home Energy Solutions program and provide guidance to residents to implement deeper energy services with a focus on insulation and high efficiency heat pumps.

Supporting Middletown

The CHEER program has accomplished nearly $100,000 in improvements. The project’s organizers are asking the community to support the initiative by donating to a crowdfunding campaign or volunteering. If the campaign reaches its $15,000 goal by September 22, 2021, it will receive a matching grant of $15,000 from Sustainable CT’s Community Match Fund.

NECS donates $25 per participant it serves to support Middletown’s CHEER efforts to remediate health and safety barriers in residential buildings that block energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements from moving forward.

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