HeatSmart Guilford provides residents with access to information, Home Energy Solutions, heat pump coaching from experts and fellow residents, and pre-qualified contractors, such as New England Conservation Services. The initiative leverages the financial offerings and incentives available through the Energize CT Home Energy Services Program and builds on the town’s achievement of Silver Certification by Sustainable CT.

HeatSmart & Sustainable Guilford Task Force

Sustainable Guilford Task Force (SGTF) is advisory to the Board of Selectmen and other Town Boards, Commissions and Departments charged with building connections, promoting innovation, equity and inclusiveness, sharing information, and tracking progress towards various sustainability initiatives.  In addition, SGTF is charged with advising the Town towards the goal of fulfilling Sustainable CT actions to maintain Guilford’s Silver certification. The HeatSmart program helps residents explore ways to improve how they heat and cool their homes by using efficient, electric heat pump systems. Spearheaded by the SGTF, the HeatSmart program provides information and resources including educational events, home energy assessments, and connections with energy and remediation experts as well as local heat pump installers.

New England Conservation Services

New England Conservation Services works with the Town of Guilford to help educate residents on the benefits of home energy efficiency programs and high efficiency heat pump technology. NECS provides energy efficiency services through Connecticut’s Home Energy Solutions program and offers guidance to residents to help them implement deeper energy services with a focus on insulation and high efficiency heat pumps.

Supporting Guilford

New England Conservation Services donates $25 per participant it serves to support Guilford’s efforts to adopt clean energy goals and decrease reliance on fossil fuels.

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