HeatSmart Branford is the HeatSmart initiative’s original pilot campaign in the State of Connecticut. Branford’s Clean Energy Committee announced the town’s participation in the fall of 2020. It is a joint effort with the town, Peoples Action for Clean Energy, and their partner contractors, including New England Conservation Services.

HeatSmart & Branford Clean Energy Committee

The Branford Clean Energy Committee was created by the First Selectman in 2019 to implement energy-related recommendations of Branford’s 2019 Plan of Conservation and Development and the State’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy (2018). The charge of the committee is to lead the Branford community in achieving or surpassing the State of Connecticut greenhouse gas emission reduction targets of 45% below the 2001 level by 2030 and 80% below the 2001 level by 2050.

These goals will be achieved through increased energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy, resulting in improved public health and lower energy costs for the Town of Branford and its residents. The committee provides information to residents, businesses and Town departments, boards and commissions about how to reduce energy use and adopt renewable energy technologies, including helping to connect them to available incentive programs that reduce the initial costs and increase the savings.

The Clean Energy Committee drafted an Energy Plan in 2020, which describes Branford’s energy landscape and charts a path forward. This included designing a public outreach education plan; participating in PACE HeatSmart campaign to promote adoption of residential air‐source heat pumps and high efficiency heating/cooling; conducting residential Home Energy Solutions (HES) campaign; and offering informational sessions on energy services available to low and moderate‐income residents. HeatSmart Branford is a key step in reaching the Town’s goals set in the 2020 Energy Plan.

New England Conservation Services

New England Conservation Services works with the Town of Branford to help educate residents on the benefits of home energy efficiency programs and high efficiency heat pump technology. NECS recently completed Branford’s Heat Smart program providing energy efficiency services to over 300 houses.

Services continue to be offered. Call 203-815-1377 for more information.

Supporting Branford

New England Conservation Services donates $25 per participant it serves to support Branford’s efforts to adopt clean energy goals and decrease reliance on fossil fuels.

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